America loves DeSantis

America Loves DeSantis

America loves DeSantis, and it’s not only because his polices and ideas resemble those of President Donald Trump. In this episode we will cover some …

Our world at war

Our World at War

Our World at War, in today’s episode we will cover war attacks in Israel, war on the climate, and gas shortages. Our World at War …

show me your papers

Show Me Your Papers

Show me your papers, is history repeating itself? Let’s hope not. In this episode we will cover covid papers, Biden on the climate, and news …


America – Are We Doomed?

America are we doomed, or are we preparing to start over? The answer is no we are not doomed, at least not according to Gen. …

Governors bribe for jabs

Governors Bribe for Jabs

In the episode we will cover, Governors of several “BLUE” states are bribing residents to get their jabs. Currently at least two Governors are on …

Activism is big business

Activism Is Big Business

Activism is Big Business, poop-protests anyone? Totally serious, and get ready for the global warming marketing remake. In this Special Edition Weekend Episode we’ll cover …

Chauvin Guilty as Charged

Ep. 133 Chauvin Guilty as Charged

Now that Chauvin is found guilty, will that be enough? Chauvin is guilty as determined by a jury of his peers, but will that be …

onkey Party Power Grabs Get Pushback

Ep. 132 Donkey Party Power Grab Pushback

Will the GOP be able to STOP “Donkey Party” Power Grabs? As democrats look to achieve DC statehood, court packing, and other overreach, the GOP …

What's with All the Shootings?

Ep. 131 What’s with All the Shootings?

Now that Gun Control is underway, it seem shootings are non-stop. In this episode we’ll cover a few shootings with one suspect still at large. …