Ep. 116 The Southern Border Crises and Other Breaking News

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Thanks for tuning into this episode of The Bosh Cast, your home for today’s conservative headline news.

The Iranian Foreign Minister urges the US to return quickly to the nuclear deal, directly after releasing video footage of a “missile city” in an undisclosed location.

A mother was a accused of creating “deep fake” videos to smear her daughter’s cheerleading rivals, in order to get them kicked of the cheerleading squad.

A sand storm has hit Beijing China, causing the air quality standard to be labeled as hazardous.

New UK petition that would required a valid ID to create a social media account is gaining some traction, and may go before Parliament. The petition has gained more than 100,000 signatures.

The EU turns to the Moscow Sputnik V shot seeking to get back on vaccine track. The required number of covid vaccinations for all is just over 450 million.

A sixty year old Danish woman has died after a blood clot, following her recent Aztrazeneca vaccination. Doctors say the woman had low blood platelets in both her large and small blood vessels, which is a rare vaccine side effect.

The US Border Patrol is currently holding more than 4,200 unaccompanined migrant minors. CBS news described the children in cages as “Jail like stations unfit to house minors”.

As CNN ratings fall, Brian Stelter refers to Tucker Carlson as “the new Donald Trump”, on his reliable sources program.

Wall Street Journal’s oped, Jerad Kushner praises the Biden administration for their Iran strategy saying they “called Iran’s bluff”.

Jake Tapper’s recent CNN interview with Fauci, led the doctor to state that it seems three feet of social distance will become the new standard as more schools look to reopen. Fauci believes for in person learning three feet will most likely be appropriate.

As Biden prepares to release the largest American tax hike in more than 30 years, republicans prepare for a clash with democrats.

President Trump makes a stop off at the Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor campaign fundraiser. Huckabee seeks to be Arkansa’s next governor.

Social media videos show swarms of crowds in Las Vegas, as casinos in Nevada open at 50% occupancy.

New York State legislature proposes a nearly 7 billion dollar new tax on the wealthy.

Moderna begins testing on a refrigerator stable version of its’ vaccine. This change would allow the vaccine to be handled by ordinary pharmacies.

These and many other conservative news headlines will be covered into today’s episode.


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We hope to see you tomorrow for our additional headline news coverage. Have a great day and God Bless!

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