Activism Is Big Business

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Activism is Big Business, poop-protests anyone? Totally serious, and get ready for the global warming marketing remake.

In this Special Edition Weekend Episode we’ll cover the “poop” protest, who are the protestors, and who is “footing” the bill for the riots and activists across the U.S.

Have you ever wondered why, activists that prowl our streets and destroy property, often appear to be wearing the same “team uniform”, or they all have the “same gear”? Kind of like the branding in the photo with this article. Notice all the stand-out pink wheelbarrows?

And how about the names of these activist groups? Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter. WOW, those really strike emotional chords. Who wouldn’t want to support those good causes, am I right? 

They also seem to be chanting in perfect harmony, with rhythm. Like the songs in commercials, you know, the ones you can’t get out of your head? You see, it works much the same as the marketing lingo, we were fed for the pandemic.

Pandemic favorite go-to terms like, “For the Greater Good”, “Stay Safe”, and “Do Your Part”. On supermarket sound systems today, you’ll hear things like, “Social Distance”, and “Be Sure to Get the Vaccine- When It’s Your Turn”.

Modern day activists roam the streets, chanting catch phrases like; “No Justice No Peace”, “We get what we want or WE- BURN SHIT DOWN”. Just as the pandemic was termed For the Greater Good, new movement lingo includes Systemic Racism and Climate Change which by the way is getting a BRAND NEW NAME.

It’s almost as if, the guilt ridden pandemic phrasing of “For the Greater Good”, paved the way for the renewed use of the term “Systemic Racism”. And don’t forget climate change….I mean “CLIMATE EMERGENCY”. 

Systemic racism is being defined as; policies and practices that exist through-out an entire society or organization, resulting in support of a continued unfair advantage or unfair treatment of others based on race.

Politician AOC claims, systemic racism is responsible for climate change. Now enter, Climate Emergency.

Get Ready for Our “Climate Emergency”

The online magazine Scientific America is; renaming global warming to their new preferred marketing term, CLIMATE EMERGENCY. That sounds far more scary than “global warming”. Major news organizations around the globe pledge to start using the new “preferred” marketing term. So who owns Scientific America anyway?

It’s owned by a privately held German company, that also operates the Macmillan Publishers organization. This group is part of the “Big-5” in the world of publishing. This is the same organization that brought Joe Biden his 3-book deal in 2017, which fetched Biden far more than 60-million dollars. Are you getting the picture yet?

Activism is Big Business – But what’s the poop?

Remember the cover photo? This is from the Poop Protest at the DC Captiol – Poop was piled up at the capitol, in order to demonstrate it’s “bullshit” that Biden is not declaring a CLIMATE EMERGENCY. Who backs the Poop Protests?

That would be Extinction Rebellion, more on that activist group in a moment. 

Ahhhhhhh the Summer of 2020. Pandemic rioters WERE NOT required to wear masks. We had the Capitol Autonomous Zone, and tearing down of statues across the U.S.

Once statue tear downs, were deemed by President Trump to be a federal crime, with a mandatory 10 year jail sentence, suddenly we saw rioters wearing masks to cover their identity. We also saw Anitfia and BLM marching down our streets wearing military style GEAR.

They were fully equipped with “actual” riot gear. shields, gas masks, ear pieces, the whole 9 yards. How could “oppressed people”, afford all of that gear? The gloves alone are $100.00 a pair. For that price, 40 families could have an entire winter’s worth of gloves in New England, for the greater good. 

What about time off from work? Sure lots of Americans were working from home by the Summer of 2020. But city streets were filled with protesters, appearing to work around the clock. Who on earth could afford to volunteer for all those events?  

Forget lobbyists, let’s look at the “Fake Foundations”? These organizations claim to be for charitable purposes, and “for the greater good”. Some people actually believe that marketing.( Raise your hand if you’re interested in becoming a foundation minion).

With an internet connection and a little research, you’ll find these foundations are nothing more than agenda-pushing, money-funneling, profit machines, for the world’s elite. Nothing like streets filled with paid protestors, to push your foundation’s agenda. That’s right, I said PAID PROTESTORS! But more on that later.

Remember the BLM activists who hit the streets for George Floyd, 48 hours after his tragic death? They all had matching “I can’t breathe” t-shirts. The problem is, at that time, we were in the height of pandemic lockdowns, and only “Essential Workers” were permitted. I wonder who deemed mass t-shirt printing essential?

Activism is Fun for the Wealthy

So who is funding these activist groups? It’s not simply big woke corporations providing the funds that fuel the protests and the riots. It would be nice if that were the case, then Americans could “de-fund” companies like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, and others, through simple boycotting.

Let’s start with BLM. Black Lives Matter is said to have begun in 2013, as a hashtag. Obama addressed the nation on the term in 2016, weighing in on its slogan. He stated, the phrase is “a representation of the specific African-American vulnerabilities that need to be addressed”, in our nation.  

Also in 2016, the Ford “Foundation” announced plans to fund BLM in “six-year investments”. The sum from the Ford “Foundation” and the other donors in 2016, was reported as $100 million by The Washington Times.

Black Lives Matter received an additional $33million that same year. Reportedly the Open Society Foundations was the donor issuing the 33million. The grant making network, was founded and made possible by, business billionaire George Soros.  

In 2020 the organization took in an additional 90 million dollars. While the 2021 numbers are not yet available, we have learned that the self-proclaimed marxists co-founder of BLM, recently purchased a 1.4million dollar home for herself. Apparently activism really is big business. 

This (XR) group could end up leaving BLM activism, in the dust.

What about the Extinction Rebellion activist group, that goes by XR? In May of 2018, 100 students supposedly signed a petition. And at the end of October 2018, XR was officially launched by co-founder Gail Brad-brook, Simon Bram-well, and Roger Hallam.

These activists, are originally from the campaign group Rising Up!!!!! The group cited inspiration from the anti-capitalist movement Occupy London.

Apparently elite capitalist-haters and their handlers, found a cause that would take them around the world. An easy online search reveals a wealth of information. It appears in only 36 short months, the Extinction Rebellion has grown rather rapidly.

Activism is big business and expanding rapidly.

They are currently located in 77 different countries, the Extinction Rebellion (XR) group has expanded its reach, by adding 39 chapters a month. While at first glance it appears to be a global trend, boasting 1,174 local chapters, the main concentration of groups, are the 900 chapters located in Europe and the U.S. That’s where the free-world population has yet to “buy into the climate emergency theory”.

Remember the Open Society Foundations from George Soros? The foundation website says  – “Confusion is the main reason Europeans and Americans Underestimate the Climate Crisis”. Is that the reason Extinction Rebellion is rampant in Europe and the U.S.?

In the United States chapters of XR, have nearly 70 full-working websites, along with 150 or more, online social media groups. Meaning in the U.S. the organization has created 2 full business websites monthly, during its 36 months of existence.

XR claims multiple sources of financial support through donations. However a little digging reveals….

The PRIMARY funds for the Extinction Rebellion activists, comes from C2025. The Climate 2025 (dot) org, is equipped with the CBS style EYE logo. The group states the goal of its support is, to bring change through emerging movements with urgency, by the year 2025.  

If you’re an investor you want to know how effective your investment is right? So who funds That seems to be a bit of a secret. But, I have my “foundational” suspicions.

When will it all end? Not sure exactly, but for the anti-capitalist XR group, they appear to be working the strategic aspect, quite nicely. Pre-planned Extinction Rebellion events, are scheduled as far out as October of 2021. So who will show up for all of these demonstrations?

Activism is big business, maybe you could be a foundation’s minion…

When you see mobs of active protestors online or in the news, do you really think all of those people just showed up, for “the” cause? In America and around the globe, can you actually BUY PROTESTORS?

Companies like Beverly Hills based, Crowds On Demand, are in the business of supplying….you guessed it, paid protestors. No matter your cause, if you have deep pockets you’ll be given as many protestors as you need, for as long as you need them.

Actually your first mob will show up in less than 24 hours, guaranteed. The company claims to higher top-acting talent. Don’t believe it? Research it for yourself.

Are you out of work because of the pandemic? No worries, Crowds on Demand is hiring protestors across the nation. You can join their team of more than 30,000 activists, and you can even apply on Craigslist.

Activism really is BIG-BUSINESS. Just think, you can “do your part” while making a living, protesting and rioting in city streets, across the USA.  So ‘stay safe”, and who knows, maybe we will see you on TV, when you hit the streets with BLM, Antifa, Extinction Rebellion, and other activist groups. After all it’s for “The greater good” right?

This special edition of The Bosh Cast “Activism is Big Business“. Today’s sponsor is, social media networking without the bias censorship.  Thanks for tuning in and hoped to see you for future broadcasts. 


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